Academic Council


 Sl.No  Name of the Member Designation  Position in the Committee 
1  Dr.P.Chandra Sekhar   Principal  Chairman
2  Sri R.Rama Rao  Lect. in Commerce   Member
3  Sri G.Kiran Kumar  Lect. in History  Member
4  Sri P.S.Jagga Rao  Lect. in Physics  Member 
5  Smt.M.Vidya Kalpana  Lect. in Chemistry  Member
6  Dr.B.Chandramouli  Lect. in Botany  Member
7  Dr.G.Vijay Prathap  Lect. in Zoology  Member
8  Sri G.Satyanarayana  Lect. in English  Member
9  Sri V..A.Satyanarayana   Lect. in Telugu  Member
10  Sri Ch.Vijay Kumar  Lect. in Mathematics  Member
11  Kum.B.lakshmi   Narasamma  Lect. in Economics  Member
12  Sri B.Venkata Ramana  Lect. in Rural   Industrilization  Member